Entry Alarms

Smartphones are simple telecommunication tools with some exclusive and useful functions, and to users we don’t have to make them realize the importance of these amazing devices. The moment you woke up in the morning and open your tender eyes, your smartphone greets you with all the latest updates and in the night when you reached the conclusion of a tiring day again your handset is the one accompanying you. So, in simple words these tiny and not-so-tiny widgets have been slowly slipping into the core of our lives, and as a responsible technology blogger it’s our duty to inform you about all the latest smartphones deals in the United Kingdom mobile phone marketplace.

First of all, there isn’t any official definition of the term “smartphone”, however some may argue that handsets able to run third-party apps are actually and in reality smartphones. However, there are many feature-phones capable to run apps than should we call them smartphones as well? In this complicated scenario, there is only one solution – to analyze the power of smartphones. In smartphones all the third-party apps posses superior integration to the handsets software and hardware in comparison with feature-phones.  

One of the most sensation handset to arrive in the mobile phone market is the Sony Xperia S, and quite frankly we are also irritated with the hype only granted to the “Sony” logo on this handset. See, we fail to understand the basis behind what’s the reason behind so much hype being granted to a separation of two telecommunication companies. See, it’s true that this will liberate Sony to take bolder steps towards strengthening their position in the market, however the reality is somewhat different.  There won’t be much difference in the new offerings of this Japanese company, minus the bigger support for other electronics produced by the Japanese electronics conglomerate.

See, Even in this area this company has been lagging behind the search giant Google who has already started experimenting with the Android-running electronics, although we would like to say it’s always better late than never.

We can talk about many new smartphones in the marketplace but we won’t do that, as there is something new in the market. In a marketplace obsessed with same concept there is one thing that has been remarkable – the entry of some more Asian players in the game, personally we would like some more Asian players in the smartphone universe.