3 Ways to know You Need a New Roof

3 Ways to Know You Need a New Roof

There are some circumstances in which you should replace your roof right away, no matter what, and whether you want to or not. Here are three ways to know you need a new roof:
Dips in the roof are exactly what they sound like: areas in the roof that are dipping below other areas. They are often indicative of either rot or water swell in the foundation of the roof– both signs that it is time to replace your home’s topper. For this variety of reasons, you should consider replacing your roof if it is dipping.
Shingles that are curling up generally indicate that a roof has reached the end of its life. If it is an excessive amount, then that is a tell-tale sign that your old shingles need to be replaced for new ones.
You may be able to stretch the life of a leaky roof with repairs, but if you notice that the leaks seem to be larger, or multiplying, it is likely that you will need to replace your roof altogether. Any brown spots are indicative of moisture, which could be coming from a leaky roof.
There is a lot to think about when it comes to getting your roof repaired or replaced.