Plumbing is a skillful job and should certainly be left to a professional plumber. But saying that there are a lot of jobs around the residence that a self-confident DIY enthusiast can do on their own. One of the most irritating things are small leaks that come from lose fittings and pipe fittings. These fittings can be locatedfound all around the house and if they are left dripping can cause a fair degree of damage to your house.

Small leaks that are left can trigger damp in walls, wet rot in timber floors and the discoloration of ceilings. These sorts of matters can be pricey to repair and all for the sake of a simple repair to a leaking joint. One of the most common problems I have seen while working as a plumber in Liverpool are drips under the kitchen sink emerging from the waste pipelines or trap. The problem is normally caused by a simple lose joint that nine times out of ten can be cured simply by tightening the nuts that secure the pipe work together bodily. On some occasions a pipe may have become dislodged mistakenly and may only need pushing back into the socket.

This variety of leak is quite widespread and can cause loads of spoil to your kitchen cupboards. The pipe work is almost always in the unit under the sink and these cupboards are used for storage. When individuals put items in this unit there is a chance of the pipe work getting knocked which in turn causes a leak. If the unit is full then there is little chance of you spotting the leak and the damage to your unit could be happening without you knowing.

The simple way to stop this variety of problem occurring is to periodically empty the unit beneath the sink and assess all the waste pipe work for drips and indications water. If you do uncover a drip then try tightening the fittings yourself or pushing the pipes back into their joints to try and mend the problem. If the drip is from a threaded joint you can try applying some thread tape or jointing compound to the threaded piece of the fitting before re-tightening. If the leak persists then you should call a plumber if you reside in the Merseyside area just go on the Internet a search for plumbers in Liverpool and a wide variety of companies will appear in the search results that will be able to sort out the trouble for you.