Sebino Innova is the initial portal dedicated to brands specialising in the layout and production of technical elements and posts in rubber and plastic for all kinds of commercial markets, in addition to completed short articles for the garments and baby industry.
The business offer in this portal kind an organic network that collaboratively supply a full solution to their customers, from the designing of the moulds, to the engineering of the item, moulding of rubber and plastic products, right through to the completing and packaging functions.
The network has its own structure that enables it to fulfill any kind of need, collaborating tasks and ensuring the most effective harmonies in between the companies or determining the firm within the group that could finest comply with the technological and economic needs.
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Style and manufacturing of moulds:
-treatment moulding for plastic products
-dual injection for two-component products
-treatment moulding for plastic products
-compression moulding for rubber
-transmission moulding for rubber
-tension perish spreading in zama and aluminium

-Plastic treatment moulding
-Rubber injection moulding
-Rubber horizontal and vertical squeezing moulding
-Machining of plastic products

-Assembly of components
– Guide and automatic sorting
– Deburring with sifter and cloth
-Nitrogen deburring
-Silicon securing
-Talcum coating

-Plastic coat hangers for outerwear, tops, pants, skirts and underclothing
-Clothes devices: buttons, sew-through buttons, shank buttons, buttons with rhinestones and replica leather, press buttons, fastenings and devices

-Altering devices, highchairs, car seat, tubs.
-Child reclining chairs and rockers, plaything boxes, tubs, bed sides and add-ons

The network is qualified of generating plastic and rubber components and finished products with using typical and ingenious products, in addition to combined or bundled materials.
The materials that can be worked are:
PP, PS, PE, PVC, PMMA, SAN, EMMA, ABS, PA 6, PA 6.6, POM, COMPUTER, PC/ABS, SBS/SEBS, PEEK, TPU, TPE, PBT, PEI, PPS, RUBBER, THERMOPLASTIC, TPV with different loads or ingredients. Virgin or loaded PTFE, PLT-HD, PC, thermo-setting materials such as polyester glass, melamine glass, plastic glass, glass epoxy and bakelized paper or textile. Methacrylate, polycarbonate and PETG
ACM, EDPM, FPM, FKM, ECO, Carbon Monoxide, HIR, NBR, HNBR, NR, SBR, MPQ, MVQ, MFQ, FVQM, EU, AU, HSN, EPDM, CR, ECO, FKM-VITON, RUBBER; PLASTIC, ACM, PU and certain self-extinguishing solutions, for example, with a base of CR (neoprene), NBR (oil-proof) and SI (silicone), which adapt the V0 Course of the UL94 standard. They can likewise supply details combined with materials, metal parts and PTFE

The network includes the following business:

O.P. di Poli & & C.
OMC Stampi
BF Stampi
LG Lavorazione Gomma

The Rubber and Plastic Area of Sebino
The Rubber and Plastic District of Sebino specialises in the production of rubber and plastic products and components and covers a location of around 80 km2, that includes 11 towns: 10 in the district of Bergamo (Adrara San Martino, Adrara San Rocco, Castelli Calepino, Credano, Foresto Sparso, Gandosso, Grumello del Monte, Telgate, Viadanica, Villongo) and one in the district of Brescia (Paratico).
The Area began with the production of gaskets in asbestos, iron and copper for autos, taps and electric home appliances generated in the 1950s by historical firms of the District, developing for many years to feature the handling of rubber. Today it also specialises in the manufacturing of gaskets and items in rubber and additional innovative polymers and elastomers, supporting an intense gemmation process of brand-new companies who have become worldwide innovators in rubber and plastic moulding. The market is currently going through a period of change; nonetheless, the area still represents most Italian and European manufacturers and vendors of rubber gaskets and plastic components predestined to various applications and usages: buildings, vehicles, agriculture, taps, electrical appliances, aerodynamics, and the food industry.

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